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Website for Fitness Martial Arts & Fitbit in an 'Entertainment' via Poplock Paul on Saturday Morning 4am the 26th Feb 2022. In Martial Arts Fitness we cover some formwork, kata & Dancing routines amongst many 'elements'. Achieving many things under the Web-Project we have been running since 2007 upto current times, ready to rock again.

Currently only teaching to a closed private group.
Still Insured & Licenced to teach.
Currently progressing but looking to getting an MA project for 2022 off the ground, maybe an online course for some of the theory, MA section without the dance.
Updated 4am Saturday 26.02.2022

Poplock Paul & Ben T both who are Vegan Walkabout Warriors.

Poplock Paul says on Wed 22 September 2021:
Yeah, vegan walkabout fitness for fitbit, as in martial art fitness, from the basics from walking, running, we use a Fitbit to measure our ranges. Usually I don't do anything lower than two miles for a course, I say you're only doing 40 minutes walking and or if you're running, you could do it in 20 minutes. I do Ma, and KB keep that separate (Hands & Feet reps). I keep boxing on its own martial arts. Recently, I've sort of slowed down a little bit because of work and whatever. But yeah, we also look at a diet. So that's why we call it a project Vegan Walkabout Fitness at the moment, that me and my son are doing a vegan walk about fitness for health sometimes together via fitbit or on our own solo session. So we've been doing this since August 2020, if not way before that, but that's pretty much when I started with it trying out being a vegan & training, I also do intermittent fasting. And my son joined in ran about that time, while we were playing with the idea of vegan and the training, you know, and to be honest, the truth what I read, actually, I don't have food for me for ages sometimes. Because it's not something you can just do straight away. So you have to sort of try to do without meat, but it is hard and took me awhile as it is a habit which one needs to practice before it eventually becomes fluet, now it is easy. And I would do an intermittent fasting for 12 to 16 hours of a day, and nothing to eat less except in those 8 hours, I have done 5 days without food though it may be best to do 5 days with a thousand calories a day. So I think half food I used to eat now, the doctor said it's good for me because my body keeps the calories in, if there was a famine I would be one of few to survive. So as you can imagine I am literally eating half what I used to but it is okay, I have got used to it now, it still seems like too much food sometimes. Yeah, look at the quality of food I buy now, sometimes I am hungry but then it is ok to eat or have a water or a drink which does stop some of those hunger pangs. And I'm like, Yeah, I used to get double heavy, weight used to pile on. So that's it in a nutshell. That's how to come up with the fitma on the b259 websites, and hopefully, I'll be able to come up with some more podcasts to follow and share new ideas etc. And, you know, I'm going to try and turn them into text through for more open sharing. This is a new way of sharing instead of sitting there typing, but I find that using my voice seems a good idea & faster because I've been sort of out of typing for awhile. Sometimes I'll type but one of the good things about using this system of recording ideas is I can visualise and keep my hands free and focus on what I'm saying. And sometimes things come, like in the diet I remember I do intermittent fasting when I can. You know, I'm 59 so I had to sort my diet out, it is September 2021. I had 10 years ago low weight but over ten years due to couple of illness put a lot of weight on. I had lung problems. So luckily, there was no long term problem and I had that checked out by the Doctor. Then had a problem from my kidney in which a stone went through the liver. And then what happened next? Yeah, I think in 2018 I had some sort of some sort of Aussie virus which knocked me and took ages for me to recover from? I think it was my friend that had the Japanese one. I have the Ozzie one yeah, the 'A flu'. Yeah, I think funny enough with this current corona virus, I have caught it at least once if not twice. And it's just like a mild flu to me, I've built my immune system up which helped. And I might cover that later on with the immune system, stuff like C & D as well as some Zinc helps. We're going to cover diet in more detail later. But you are hopefully going to indeed find information over time as I shall keep posting about vitmins & stuff we need, I will do some follow up podcasts and write up the results and share my findings with you. Okay, this is Paul, catch you later. Bye bye bye.

Poplock Paul says on Tue 21 September 2021:
I'm an Experiened & Qualified Instructor currently under the BCA Association.
Link to new certificate to be released soon.
I ran a Club in 39 Area for Karate & Kickboxing 1993-2003 then closed it down, having worked in Security I decided I wanted to teach something more defencive and fun. I spent over 7 years of that time in the ring as a National Champion but could see I needed to tone down the 'way'. Since then I still taught but only to small groups and usually to fellow Doormen & Night Staff and at one point was assigned as 'Training Manager' with one of the Security Companies for years till its close down.
I trained more than a thousand people, 600+ in that original club and we had 6 champions at that time, we would compete and personally my record at that time was 78 regionals and 11 National contests but then I decided a change was needed.
Since 2007 and even recently I have worked on many doors and in most places insisted on team training and indeed most Door or Bar staff would attend, with emphasis on defusing a situation and only using 8 principles of Ju Jitsu as used by Maybo & I believe the Police. This became a very effective way of dealing with trouble and for 990 people out of a thousand we could safely remove often violent people without any injury, I still use the term reasonable use of force, I use this when I have taught self defence or indeed when I work what ever my security role is at the time.
My current way is Non-Contact though we use Pads & Boxing elements & from Ju Jitsu techniques for enabling escape. On top of that I use dance as a method of promoting Counter-Aerobics and whilst this may seem new I have been working this way for over 20 years, hence why I have a YouTube channel - Last year I helped Cancer Survivor Gary Broughton in his quest go from under £100 to over £270 last I heard, you can go back and see the 'Cancer Research Uk' related videos. Then there was at the 'Aviator' a prom party that I covered raising money for Charity & awareness in 'Saving Kenya Trees' and after in October 2019 I stepped into the ring to do some boxing in a MAAS/SCI charity for Homeless Veterans. I have read that overall we raised 12k, our 8 man team raised £2900 of that and whilst it was good I'm hanging my gloves up for awhile.
I'm hoping to raise money for Charity in 2020 or promote causes or local individuals which through the dance videos works well, hopefully you can understand what I am doing. This has been no easy undertaking & like most fellow dancers or instructors of MA I get my fair share of time wasters or haters though I have learned to deal with these getting support from members of our group or Community is as rare as finding Rainbow-Unicorns. Think this sums up everything and at the moment we are at a cross roads so if possible I'm hoping to open a public course for a maximum of 30 people, depending on hall size and after seeing the hall I guess the question is to whether start a Monthly, Fortnightly or even Weekly class. And what day or days as my work Rota gets changed every 23rd though I can book days off I guess.
Thank you for replying, I'm not sure what impact this will make, but the last time I taught openly 1993-2003 in that time period more than 600 people gained confidence and enjoyed the benifits and since more than 400. I think in a nut-shell can I train more than a thousand people & can I help other Charities & Causes too...

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